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Is your profile an asset or a liability?

LinkedIn is one of the most recognised, go-to resources that people use to research and evaluate an individual’s expertise and potential added value.  Whether we like it or not, most people now default to LinkedIn to find you. And yes, they expect you to be there in a professional capacity! But it happens all too

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Is your headshot visible on LinkedIn? Check this setting now…

Your LinkedIn profile photo is often the first impression a visitor to your profile has. Studies have shown that even new-borns, with their eyesight limited to about 12 inches, can recognize a face, and, in fact, prefer to look at faces. No excuses – you must have a photo!  You will immediately lose credibility and

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The Law of Need & the LinkedIn Product ”Pusher”

In his book “Fanatical Prospecting”, award winning writer Jeb Blount defines the Law of Need as: “the more you need something, the less likely you are to get it”. This Law of Need can be the enemy of many a salesperson who finds that their leads have dried up and their deadlines and targets are

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It’s all about balance

  This morning Breakfast TV had a feature on “Sharenting” - the practice of parents sharing every aspect of their children’s lives on Facebook. The piece was presented with representatives from both sides of the argument. The supporter of the practice vehemently defended their actions on the basis that Facebook is the modern way of

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Why your employees should be on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn profile is your key to controlling both your own professional reputation and helping control the image of the company you represent. A company with a LinkedIn presence, but few employee profiles connected to it, screams out 'We don’t understand digital media!' and can negatively affect the first impressions of prospective clients and potential

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Why your company should be on LinkedIn

In my LinkedIn workshops I am still surprised to find that while many attendees have individual profiles, the company they represent does not have any presence whatsoever. In my view, these companies are not simply missing a trick, they’re missing a veritable bag of tricks. Business is passing them by in favour of rivals that

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6 barriers for professional services getting into LinkedIn (and why it’s important to overcome them)

In professional services, there is historic reticence regarding technology, yet technology is here to stay and evolving at a rapid pace. Broadly speaking, six barriers exist that prevent professionals from creating their LinkedIn presence and getting results. Fear of change First, there is the issue of change. Change is risky and exciting, but it can

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Edinburgh Delegates learn to optimise their LinkedIn profiles for Google searches

Edinburgh business professionals gained some advanced LinkedIn skills at a special masterclass given by Miles Duncan on Wednesday 4th May. The invitation only LinkedIn training event for professional services, held at the Dome on George Street, enabled the LinkedIn Success Blueprint co-creator to highlight some of the ways that the delegates could improve their profiles

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LinkedIn training seminar in Glasgow: Are you missing out on new business?

“I didn’t know that I was missing out on winning new clients on LinkedIn because of a simple mistake”, said one of the delegates at LinkedIn Success Blueprint’s recent open training session in Glasgow. The delegate told Miles Duncan and LSB’s Glasgow man, Donald Munro, that they had received several valuable tips from the presentation

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