Did you know your profile can play music?

Now, spare me the blank look – I absolutely mean this, and I haven’t been abducted by aliens, either.

The inspiration for today’s conversation comes from a fantastic global Fintech client who I currently have the pleasure of training.

Whilst they will remain anonymous, they’re a team have embraced the awesome power of LinkedIn, and beyond their day job, also want to showcase what a fabulous place it is to work. They really do walk the talk with diversity and inclusion, striving to be a more equitable workplace. One of my favourite things about this company is that they genuinely embrace employee advocacy, diversity, and inclusion, and don’t just talk about it.

So there I was, sitting in front of my screen, with my LinkedIn cadets in front of theirs; scattered across our beautiful planet. Together, we got stuck into the power of LinkedIn and examined the way that your personal brand communicates authenticity, professionalism, credibility, and integrity.

Whenever we communicate something (on LinkedIn or off it), there are subconscious factors at work – colloquially, I’ll often call these “unseen forces” – but they’re more prevalent than you might realise.

Let me explain: when you’re thinking buying a product online, you might have a rational, logical idea of what you want, but your purchase will be driven by emotion – almost all purchases are. We’re not thinking beings with emotions, but emotional beings who think thoughts, after all.

This is why it’s key to be emotionally engaged on LinkedIn. In your author’s humble opinion, it’s the difference between success and failure.

The best way I’ve found to explain what I mean is to use the metaphor of beautiful background music. By getting your profile right, you can broadcast all the right messages and gently tune your profile viewer to a symphony of your own making.

Put your records on

Now, here’s an encouraging thought: your profile can play whatever tune you want.

Just like a beautifully written piece of music, your profile should connect with your audience – they don’t so much look at it as listen to it.

You might be a little more indie, maybe a touch classical, or include a dose of country (yeehaw!) – but one thing you certainly shouldn’t have playing is a loud, incoherent caterwaul.

Despite his best efforts in playing thundering head-banging mosh pit worthy metal all night long, my old uni flatmate is still my best friend – though living with the constant din was more than a little traumatising.

Is your profile blasting disjointed, aggressive noise at your prospects? What emotion are you conveying? Or maybe you aren’t playing any music at all – it’s just you, the crickets and the tumbleweed.

Oh, sheet!

Here’s another way to think about it – try and read your profile as if it was a sheet of music.

The background image opens up with a strong, powerful beat, positioning you as someone with their finger on the pulse, a confident expert with a clear personal brand within a wider company setting. Your headshot provides the melody, your profile text is a steady riff, your skills are the hooks that add flair and pizzazz.

You’re on track, in more ways than one!

Then the lyrics start – your posts, your comments, the InMails you might choose to send, all geared around your audience and their needs. “Music to my ears” their inner voice pipes up: “I like this person”.

Their foot starts tapping with approval.

Song writing and solos

One of the best opportunities we have to get the crowd feeling the beat is the About section – something my students know I refer to as your XYZ. It’s a simple but powerful formula, when it comes to writing something for this section:  I help X with Y to achieve Z.

That subtle endorsement is like your opening verse – helping your listeners figure out if this is a track for their mixtape. Now comes the chorus – your Featured section. This is where your content adds a new depth to the verse of your About section, showing your skills in action, demonstrating your expertise, and most importantly, what it could do for the listening.

Above the fold (the first thing folk see when they land on your page), your profile should be in complete harmony with your audience and their needs. And you know what? The music is so good, your audience stays a little longer – eagerly awaiting an encore or secret track.

Ending on a high note

You might think your set is done and dusted, the music is starting to reach its crescendo – so how better to wrap up the show than with three recent recommendations?  And you know when I say recent, I don’t mean 10 years ago…

When your profile is carefully thought through, and you’ve curated your greatest hits, your music will draw a crowd. Have you ever heard a fantastic singer or busker in the street and stopped to listen without even realising it? Your LinkedIn profile should do exactly the same thing.

We are so stuck on proactively prospecting as the only play – and yes, it’s important, but with a bit of careful thought, you can draw prospects to you instead.

A recent study revealed that 60% of all my clients come from referrals – and when they refer me, what do they look at? My profile, of course. If 60% of my business comes through my profile, I have to make sure that my instrument is always in tune.

Think about the melody you’re playing, the lyrics you’re broadcasting. Are you happy with them? Are you accidentally broadcasting heavy metal as a trusted CEO? Wouldn’t you rather change the record?

Happily, that’s exactly what I do. If you are looking to become the number one trusted advisor or go-to expert in your space, I have all the sheet music you need. Get in touch today.



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