What would you say if I told you that you were a twin?

Unless you actually have a biological twin, you’d probably look at me funny, or ask me if I needed to sit down.

But as wild as it sounds, it’s true. You have an identical copy of yourself that makes first impressions, has conversations, and interacts with others.

This twin is your digital spirit, or soul: a replica of you that lives online – your avatar, if you will. Even though they’re made of code and pixels, they’re still able to engage with someone who’s physically present.

Your digital spirit communicates constantly – it’s always projecting something. We have to hope that it’s doing something positive! It engages on your behalf, it broadcasts both conscious and unconscious messages, its words are spoken and unspoken.

Your digital twin can be your most positive, powerful ally. Or it can be something undesirable and detrimental.

But it isn’t just our own selves that have twins – our conversations do, too.

It Takes Two (Conversations!) to Tango

Yes, I’ll be the first to agree that I sound like I’ve lost it, but bear with me.

In every interaction you have with another person, there are always two conversations: the conscious conversation, and the subconscious one. As an example, let’s think about the interaction that you have with the person on the supermarket checkout – they’re consciously scanning your items, maybe checking ID, and so on.

But they’re also gathering clues about you as a person at the same time. Maybe you wear a branded lanyard – they might assume you work for that company (even though you borrowed your wife’s keys on that lanyard that day).

Or perhaps you look relaxed, you’re wearing a suit and shirt with the collar open, it’s about 6pm, and there’s a nice bottle of wine on the conveyor belt – maybe you had a milestone day at work?

We pick up on these tiny details all the time, sifting through this data, and coming to our own conclusions. Our digital twin is just like the shopper on the other side of that supermarket worker’s lane. It’s projecting information about you. It’s contributing consciously and subconsciously to the conversation.

You can also think about a conversation this way.

For example, on one level, I might be consciously talking to someone about LinkedIn training. But subconsciously, and at the same time, I am sending them positive energy, goodwill, and encouragement. To use a phrase that’s trite but true: the vibes don’t lie!

Thinking about this from a digital twin perspective, someone might be reading one of my blogs that my digital twin showcases for me.

This individual is relating to the words I write: engaging their conscious and subconscious mind. They find the content interesting, they’re creating mental images, and maybe they decide take a look at my profile.

They’re a physical being engaging with my digital spirit. Or perhaps you are the physical being engaging with someone else’s digital twin.

Yes, it’s weird – but it’s also true – and in our digital world, that truth will only become more tangible as technology advances.

Diving Deeper

You might not know this, but I’ve been doing some personal rebranding and some deeper dives into what I offer. I used to think I was just a LinkedIn trainer.

But I’ve come to realise that what I actually do is help you to take positive ownership of your digital twin through the lens of LinkedIn.

Explaining it this way, people have a much greater understanding from the get-go of what I do and how it could benefit them. They can really relate to the link between your physical presence, and the digital energy that your twin projects at all times.

Ultimately, I help people showcase the very best of themselves – LinkedIn simply happens to be the medium that I do that through. The concept of a digital twin is fantastic – it suddenly delights people with possibility! – unlike LinkedIn, where people feel ashamed of their profiles.

It Really Is All About You

It may feel a little unfair, but most people do expect you to have a digital twin of some kind. Just by virtue of LinkedIn’s existence, the people that don’t have or deliberately chose not to have a profile are at a disadvantage.

Let’s run the numbers: 900M people are on LinkedIn – and 35M of those are UK-based. People in the working world expect you to be on the platform. If you aren’t, it doesn’t look good. It might not be right, but it is reality – LinkedIn’s presence means that if you’re not present on it, it could affect you negatively.

Nature Abhors a Digital Vacuum

So with the advent of LinkedIn, a digital vacuum (yours!) has been created. You need to fill it before someone else does.

As you’re expected to have a profile – a digital twin – people will go looking for it. A physical being is going to contact your digital spirit, and there is a form of ‘’exchange’’ that transpires.

I mentioned this earlier – your digital spirit is also proactive. It is permanently radiating something. It never sleeps. Your twin (if not managed) can be more of a liability than an asset.

Your digital twin appears in search results. It shows up on feeds. It appears in company personnel listings. It is always on. This poses a huge question for each of us, however.

Have you taken charge of your digital twin? And if you haven’t, will you?

Sci-Fi, Schmi-Fi?

Yes, I will be the first to admit that all of this sounds a bit like a sci-fi movie! But similar to a movie production, you have to consider the casting, costume design, makeup, and script with your Digital twin. What would you think of yourself, if you met you for the first time?

I don’t say any of this to scare you! Quite the opposite – I say this to galvanise you. You can be the director, the special effects lead, and the main character in your own blockbuster film. You simply have to decide how you want this story to unfold.

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