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You Need a Templar Knight for Your LinkedIn Pilgrimage – Here’s Why

There’s a catch-22 when it comes to Gatekeepers on LinkedIn. Now, maybe you’re familiar with a phrase that I hear from time to time – and sometimes say it myself, although it makes me a little uncomfortable: There are no Gatekeepers on LinkedIn. Hopefully, we should all know by now

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Why Personal Branding Beats Company Brands, Every Time

I was 22 years old. My very first job was a marketing assistant at Whyte & Mackay Distillers in Glasgow in 1990 – and yes, I’m acutely aware that some of you weren’t even born then! It was brilliant training. I love the drinks industry and still have a real

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Troy-ed and Tested: How to Avoid LinkedIn’s Achilles Heel

Can we all agree that LinkedIn is a wonderful platform, regardless of whether you’re on the free or paid version? Or you have had LinkedIn Training or not ... It is one of the most important platforms to include in the execution of your business development and marketing strategy. If

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Do You Loathe LinkedIn? The employer brand – Pt 1

Now, don’t let this headline mislead you – I am still the absolute LinkedIn advocate you know (and hopefully!) love. However, in my experience, not everyone adores this platform the way that I do. Let me tell you a story to explain. A little while ago, I presented a session

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Planet Hybrid, LinkedIn Solar Power, and Personal Choice

Have you ever wondered what the best working environment is? Many companies and individuals are currently focused on answering exactly that question. What will serve their clients and colleagues best in terms of working and operating environments? Below, you’ll see a fantastic illustration. shared with thanks to Michael Hughes who

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Clarify Your Brand for LinkedIn

So, what do I mean by clarifying your brand for LinkedIn? In my humble opinion many people are disappointed with their results on LinkedIn. This could be caused by a number of factors, however the most common one is a lack of direction. Before you even open up your laptop

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Is your profile an asset or a liability?

LinkedIn is one of the most recognised, go-to resources that people use to research and evaluate an individual’s expertise and potential added value.  Whether we like it or not, most people now default to LinkedIn to find you. And yes, they expect you to be there in a professional capacity!

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Inbound vs Outbound Marketing on LinkedIn: Should You Push or Pull?

People don’t join LinkedIn for a chat. Well, they shouldn’t do if they understand what this platform is all about. LinkedIn is not the same as other social channels.  The rules of engagement are different and often people must relearn their “social skills” to use LinkedIn to its full potential.

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Is your headshot visible on LinkedIn? Check this setting now…

Your LinkedIn profile photo is often the first impression a visitor to your profile has. Studies have shown that even new-borns, with their eyesight limited to about 12 inches, can recognize a face, and, in fact, prefer to look at faces. No excuses – you must have a photo!  You

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