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Miles’ Miles: 500 Miles in 20 days: A Journey for the Mind, Body, and Soul

This newsletter is a follow-on from my August newsletter which was about a man who astonished and humbled me: Stan. I wrapped up that newsletter by announcing that I would be walking one of the Caminos of Santiago – a spiritual pilgrimage that draws people from all around the

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I was born on a dairy farm in Lanarkshire, Scotland, when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The farm went bankrupt. My Mum divorced my Dad. Let’s just say Dad found golfing at Biggar golf course more tempting than milking cows! Mum and I went one way, Dad went the other, and

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Avoid The Void! Common Profile Problems that Stop you Attracting Ideal Prospects

What do I mean, avoiding the void? Well, perhaps it’s better to think about this concept as a “digital vacuum”. Let’s talk about expectations first. Our ideas about each other in the workplace have all evolved, slowly but surely. With the advancement of technology, the rise of social networking, and

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Discovering your Digital twin, and Harnessing its Power for Good

What would you say if I told you that you were a twin? Unless you actually have a biological twin, you’d probably look at me funny, or ask me if I needed to sit down. But as wild as it sounds, it’s true. You have an identical copy of yourself

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The Subtle Art of Manipulating Manipulation for LinkedIn Success

Manipulates a strong word, isn’t it? I’d imagine for many, it’s a damned uncomfortable one. We hate to be manipulated, don’t we? We feel powerless, duped: controlled by outside forces. If that’s the case for you – you might not like what’s coming next. From my own lived experience, I

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Personal Disclosure on LinkedIn

This month’s newsletter is a Video! One of my friends Kenneth Nel, is forever bending my ear for not sharing anything about myself. Do you know, he’s right…. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, and I am a real ambassador for personal branding, managing your reputation, networking and visibility. Within

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Elevator (Pitch) Music: Is Your Profile Tuned for Success?

Did you know your profile can play music? Now, spare me the blank look – I absolutely mean this, and I haven’t been abducted by aliens, either. The inspiration for today’s conversation comes from a fantastic global Fintech client who I currently have the pleasure of training. Whilst they will

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Linked-Invisibility? Why Proactive Visibility is Key to your LinkedIn Success

Linked-Invisibility? Why Proactive Visibility is Key to your LinkedIn Success I have a secret to share with you. Over 59% of my network are missing out on a huge opportunity on LinkedIn. And perhaps they might not deem it a negative, but in my opinion, you should try to leverage

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You Need a Templar Knight for Your LinkedIn Pilgrimage – Here’s Why

There’s a catch-22 when it comes to Gatekeepers on LinkedIn. Now, maybe you’re familiar with a phrase that I hear from time to time – and sometimes say it myself, although it makes me a little uncomfortable: There are no Gatekeepers on LinkedIn. Hopefully, we should all know by now

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