This month’s newsletter is a Video!

One of my friends Kenneth Nel, is forever bending my ear for not sharing anything about myself.

Do you know, he’s right….

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, and I am a real ambassador for personal branding, managing your reputation, networking and visibility.

Within all this comes the emotional side of LinkedIn.

A little personal disclosure is also expected on LinkedIn.

Its up to you how far you take it though, there is a line … well I have a line put it that way 😊

This month’s newsletter is 3’.29’’mins long…I will spill the beans on:

The person who got me into LinkedIn training in 2008 (it wasn’t my idea, but it was a great idea!)

My biggest fear when I run in-person hotel events (its not what you think)

Who has been, by far, the most effective LinkedIn influencer that has shaped my training

Why I do so much free stuff …

Time saver… if none of that is for you… I have just saved you 3’29’’mins

(The images of my hotel events were taken a few years ago by David Ho, the top headshot photographer. You may be able to spot yourself in some of the hotel pics).