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Tools and skills to generate high performance on LinkedIn

Sales • Business Development • Marketing • HR • Leadership • L&D

Results to expect

Your digital persona (profile) and activities will be aligned, optimised and highly effective in growing your visibility, expertise and business opportunities on LinkedIn

   Identify new opportunities

   Nurture and win business

   Build presence & visibility

   Client retention

   Showcase your expertise

   Be the go to resource

   Enjoy referred opportunities

One voice • Consistency in branding • Consistency in message • Be searchable • Get found • Rank high on LinkedIn and Google • Profile in the top 1%


Why don’t you book a team training session first to really understand LinkedIn and how it may help you?


We are a specialist training company that trains large organisations and their teams, on how to be effective on LinkedIn

   Build a Pipeline full of prospects

   Watch your Conversion rocket

   Maintain Presence and Visibility

Sales & Business Development

You are probably not using LinkedIn effectively to drive your digital presence, a pipeline of inbound & outbound prospects, visibility and conversion. This costing your time and money.

Marketing & Communications

Many large organisations’ brand and messaging is disconnected on LinkedIn. Your company pages lack engagement and followers. Your colleagues across the  organisation are off brand and message. Gains you are making on other platforms may be undermined by your LinkedIn presence.

Human Resources

Your employer brand should be a magnet on LinkedIn. Recruiting and attracting brilliant talent, retaining talent and showcasing what a brilliant organisation you are to work with. Using LinkedIn effectively can reduce your recruitment costs substantially.


Your role is vital on LinkedIn.  The Leadership team often  record  the highest profile views. Your presence and activities are key to your teams engagement and organisation success.

Your employees are brand advocates

Employees throughout the company are playing an active role. They are either an asset or a liability on LinkedIn. Soft inclusive training will magically get your employees on brand , on message and be a superb distributors of content

In a nutshell

Outperform your competition, exceed targets, build a pipeline of qualified leads, be the go- to- resource for your expertise, maximise your colleague and company visibility, have a positive voice that is proactive on brand and on message 

This is all within your reach

The simple truth


People on LinkedIn globally


People on LinkedIn in the UK


Check LinkedIn once a day


Of decision makers don’t respond to cold calls…but do respond to relationship builders


Of buyers digital media to be more informed about you and your services


of buyers are more likely to engage with a solid strong brand that is aligned 

Buyers are 57% of the way through the buying process before they contact you

Buying decisions are taken by on average 5.4 people

Your existing LinkedIn strategy needs a reboot.

To be successful on LinkedIn after training, all you need is a consistent 20 minutes a day focus … that is all.

Our LinkedIn training is highly effective and tailored to specific resources within your organisation Its uncomplicated, speedy, saves time, money and resources yet maximises your results

You and your organisation deserve the best

Start now by scheduling a call, there is no cost or obligation to exploring your options

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I have walked in your shoes!

Over 30 years in sales, marketing, communication and leadership, we know how overwhelming change can first appear 

To get your organisation and individuals operating on LinkedIn effectively seems a daunting task It’s not.  Nor is it complicated or beyond your reach as a regional or global organisation.

For 15 years B2B Success Systems has been delivering highly effective, uncomplicated , straightforward training packages and white label eLearning platforms to organisations

Proved, Tried, Tested, Accredited 

Each organisation and its employees are trained to an exacting standard and have all the processes and measurement tools to ensure success

We unlock LinkedIn and give you the keys to the kingdom  

A simple 4 step online and offline face to face training program.

Easy to learn – Easy to Implement – Delivering Results 

Team training; a unique blend of online & offline workshops, 121’s, competency testing and implementation

Support materials include eLearning platform and downloads at every stage and other learning aids

1. Understand your target audience on LinkedIn

To be really effective on LinkedIn you need a complete understanding of your target audience. This task will ensure you know exactly who you are targeting. It provides the strategic foundation for your success on LinkedIn.

2. Build the perfect profile that engages your clients and prospects

After Clarify your brand for LinkedIn, you now have all the information to build a brilliant profile that is aligned with you target audience and optimised for searches. This is a 60 minute live webinar, where you update your profile with me live. Your profile will be in the top 1%. Aligned, Optimised & Congruent… in 60 minutes.

3. Drive sales and awareness

Given you will now have an operationally effective profile, you are now ready to be trained on elements of the Business Growth Accelerator. There are 5 1hr webinars in this series;

  • No 1 Networking and Engagement strategies (inc implementation) – 1hr
    The law of reach, building strong & loose tie networks (2nd), connecting & messaging sequences, do’s and don’ts, nurturing activities
  • No 2 Prospecting Strategies (inc Implementation) – 1hr
    8 tried and tested (over 14 years) prospecting strategies that work. Building a sustainable pipeline of engaged prospects that will drive success on LinkedIn
  • No 3 Clients Retention & Strategies (inc Implementation) – 1hr
    5 client and 3 referral strategies. Keep close contact with your clients, building lifetime value and retention effortlessly, whilst executing a highly effective referral program.
  • No 4 Visibility/Educating (go-to resource) Strategies (inc Implementation) 1hr
    Generating consistent automated daily visibility and education to your audience – you are the go-to resource. Content aggregators and algorithm insights to leverage
  • No 5 Content & Messaging Strategies (Inc Implementation) 1hrNurturing your audience with effective copy and messaging. Build value, authenticity & credibility. Learn what value and messaging works and what doesn’t.

4. Get the results

You now have an operationally effective profile, company page optimisation, and you are well versed on the systems of how to use LinkedIn to achieve your goals. The Implementation Accelerator gets you into consistent action. Learn how to integrate LinkedIn into your particular overall strategy, objectives and workflow. Here you are asked to design your own LinkedIn 90-day plan with KPIs.

Start now by scheduling a call, there is no cost or obligation to exploring your options

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Team and Department Training

Whether its your sales, marketing, HR, leadership team or all employees, our training programs are effective and gets results

We provide a unique blend of tailored LinkedIn training specific to your needs. It is not off the shelf one size fits all

Online and offline assisted training, integrated and supported by unique eLearning platforms

Online tracking, test & review scorecards keep the pace and training on track

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White Label LinkedIn eLearning

For organisations that deliver their training through Learning Management Systems, we provide LinkedIn eLearning platforms customised to your needs

Our technology is readily cloned and customised saving you time, resources and money

eLearning platform supported and serviced to match you needs (in-house managed, out sourced or a blend of both)

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What my valued clients have to say

Working with Miles delivered exactly what we needed and more. From scoping to delivery, Miles was with the team all the way and helped us be clear internally and more importantly externally as to our LinkedIn message. The team were very impressed with Miles and how much effort he made to ensure the project was a success. And it was! I am delighted to recommend Miles, if you wish to know more please just get in touch.

Brian Hay-Smith, Business Development Partner, Mazars

I first went to a LinkedIn event Miles was running in about 2016/2017 and since then I have had over £500k of opportunities land in my LinkedIn inbox which is largely due to how Miles got me thinking about LinkedIn. I would recommend Miles for LinkedIn training over and over.

Laura Taylor, Empowered by Cloud

I must frankly recognise that among our service providers, Miles Duncan ranks close to the top, if not at the top, thanks to his skills and dedication. Being a trainer for senior leadership is quite a bit of a challenge and only a few people like Miles Duncan can legitimately claim to be successful in this field.

Fabrice Jaouën, French Military, Paris Miles personally trains flag officers (2-star generals and above) that leave the French military and transition to business life.

Our sales team were not very active on LinkedIn, we did not have a uniform approach to what our pages should look like, what we needed to post or even how to post and include good content, Miles & his team changed all of that! My personal SSI has increased from being in the 50’s to now the top 15%

Vicky Richardson, Colebrook Bosson Saunders EMEA & Key Account Sales Director

Miles’ LinkedIn Success Systems has been invaluable in helping the TGS multidisciplinary network present a globally unified, high-quality image across 70 countries with 4500 staff. It’s a huge challenge and Miles’ training makes it systematic and even enjoyable.

Andrew Menzies, TGS, VP International Development

For any business from 5-50,000 staff, you need to be aware of the huge potential and benefits that LinkedIn can play in your business. Miles, systematically took all our staff through an eye-opening training that has won us new business, built value and managed to get each one of our staff aligned and driving in the same direction. Forget, other training this year, in this COVID and post COVID world this is essential.

David Lewis, CEO, LEWIS Creative Consultants Ltd

I simply can’t recommend Miles Duncan of LinkedIn Success Systems training highly enough.  We have seen a higher level of engagement through the LinkedIn platform across our network using his simple but highly effective approach – training with Miles and his team is time very well spent.

Jo Kerrigan, Training & Support Manager, Business Doctors Franchising Ltd

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