In his book “Fanatical Prospecting”, award winning writer Jeb Blount defines the Law of Need as: “the more you need something, the less likely you are to get it”.

This Law of Need can be the enemy of many a salesperson who finds that their leads have dried up and their deadlines and targets are looming.

Jeb goes on to explain that the need for connections and sales can turn into desperation very quickly which, while possibly making the salesperson work harder to see each prospect turn into a sale, actually increases the probability of failure.

Potential acquisitions and decision makers can smell desperation a mile away and are instantly turned off.

A desperate salesperson appears less trustworthy and they are also less focused and less likely to make logical decisions, according to Jeb.

As a user of LinkedIn, I myself have connected with salespeople who have launched straight into a sales pitch right from the off. This is a huge no-no and very off putting as it gives the impression of desperation.

LinkedIn is primarily a platform for connecting and relationship building. Our LinkedIn courses in Edinburgh and Glasgow cover how to use LinkedIn to begin and expand on existing relationships which may lead to sales.

LinkedIn training in Glasgow, Edinburgh or wherever else you may be based will help you to avoid the Law of Need by continually allowing you to tend to your relationships with the decision makers you believe are most likely to turn into future clients. Having a plethora of opportunities in your pipeline will keep you a cool, calm and collected salesperson.

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