When it comes to prospecting, many people in business don’t dedicate the time and effort it takes to bring success. Some prioritise other tasks over prospecting, and others outsource the role entirely.

However, there are so many benefits to becoming a prospector, and with LinkedIn, you could make the job much easier.

As a company dedicated to research and development of LinkedIn Training In Edinburgh and across the country, we love seeking out little gems of articles and research material for our clients, and one such resource we have come across is Jeb Blount’s book on Fanatical Prospecting.  And more specifically, his thoughts on the mindset of top earners and prospectors. Here, we bring you a short synopsis of Jeb’s 7 mindsets that most fanatical prospects seem to have:

They’re enthusiastic and optimistic

Bitter, cynical and defeatist attitudes are not the way to find success. Going at each day with verve and enthusiasm ensures that they seize opportunity and brush off any negativity, pushing themselves to make call after call.

They’re competitive

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it takes a hugely competitive nature to bring success. Beginning each day with a battle plan to win attention from prospects away from competitors is essential to getting results.

They’re confident

Uncertainty, fear, and doubt are managed well by confident people, and those with confidence and self-control can persuade prospective clients to join in sales conversations when they may have not been planning to.

They’re Relentless

Persistence pays off, and this is truer than ever when it comes to prospecting. In sales, rejection is rife, but eschewing the negative emotions rejection – according to Jeb – can bring, allows a person to relentlessly pursue that next sale with as much enthusiasm as the last.

They Never Stop Learning

Whether it is LinkedIn Training, coaching or feedback on their progress and approach, or deep research into information that might improve them as a prospector, successful people are always looking for something new to learn.

They’re Efficient and Systematic

Organised, structured, and focussed – the best prospectors have a rigid structure as to how they go about organising their strategies. By blocking off their time, focusing on specific activities and planning and executing a certain number of tasks within a set period, they are able to get the most out of each day.

They’re not inflexible

Jeb reveals that Using the three As – Adopt, Adapt, Adept, means successful prospectors are well able to move with changes in situation very quickly. They will research and develop existing strategies, adapting them to their specific situation, and becoming adept at executing these new strategies.

Do you recognise these mindsets in yourself? Are you dedicated to making yourself a better prospector?

Why not invest in LinkedIn training to help develop you even more as a prospecting fanatic?

Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder, LinkedIn Success Systems

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