If you want to generate prospects, build a pipeline of leads and be the go-to resource for your expertise, then this free LinkedIn training event is for you. It is also perfect for Job Seekers.

Let me share with you what I have learned over the last 14 years, training hundreds of companies and individuals, just like you, on how to use LinkedIn to get results.

My next free LinkedIn Training 1hr session on Thursday 30th September 2021 at 12pm to 1pm UK time, plus a Q&A afterwards with me.

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There is nothing for sale or nothing to buy at this learning session!

Do you struggle with sales and business development, burning a lot of time, energy and money? Or your job seeking efforts are getting you no where?

Not enough leads ● Poor Performance ● Lack of training ● Time Pressure ● Stressed ● Frustrated ● Feeling a bit lost ● Working remotely

The Sales & Marketing landscape has changed permanently– you need to adapt and get into LinkedIn to drive prospects, visibility and be the go-to resource for your expertise.

My free training event will cover;

✔LinkedIn misconceptions

✔Control; everything is under you control (most fail to realise this and let LinkedIn control them)

✔LinkedIn usage is set at the individual’s pace (not LinkedIn’s)

✔LinkedIn’s database of over 760m people – the massive opportunity

✔LinkedIn strategy and implementation; elements to consider

✔The perfect LinkedIn profile

✔Profile optimisation; alignment with clients, intermediaries and prospects. SEO and searches.


Specific examples on;

✔Client retention and communication

✔Introducer (referral) activities


✔Marketing/Company pages

✔Visibility & awareness


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All attendees get two bonus gifts:

After the event all attendees will get my 8 Quick Fixes Guide to Improve your LinkedIn Profile Guide. This 10-page guide will show you step by step, how to get your profile aligned, optimised and congruent.

Also a private link to the session video replay


Miles Duncan (founder)


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