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The Perfect Profile

If you’re on LinkedIn, you’re going to be viewed. If you’re viewed, you’ll be judged.

It sounds harsh, but it’s true.

Statistics tell us that whether you’re being researched as a candidate, or as a service provider, people will only reach out once they have effectively made a decision.

The outreach portion of this process is simply them validating their choice to hire you, or at least to investigate your services.

In other words, their decisions are made almost entirely on the merit of your profile before you have even had a conversation with them.

So, if your profile isn’t up to scratch, you’re most likely missing out on opportunities. You’ll never know how close (or how far away!) you were from the mark.

My free learning session will focus entirely on getting you one of the very best profiles on LinkedIn.

It’s going to focus entirely on building the perfect profile ➕I will be giving away (to all attendees) my Profile Build eBook (RRP £125)

▶️It’s live on Thursday 29th February 2024, 12pm to 1pm

⛔️Be assured on my session there is nothing for sale, nothing to buy or no follow up.

🎁 It is my gift from me to you. If you come to the free event not only will you get emailed the replay, but you will also get your hands on my 10 Quick Fixes to improve you profile. 10 pages of pure gold, even if I say so myself.

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