For more than a decade I have been training teams and individuals on how to use LinkedIn for business growth

The training that I deliver focuses on results. Which could cover; the effective implementation of business development activities – from client retention to generating and managing a healthy pipeline of credible, qualified business opportunities and leads – or boosting visibility, expertise recognition and managing individual and company reputation. 

I have never lost sight of the goal  – which is all about results.

Training focused on individual outcomes

Over the years I have come to understand that everyone learns in different ways – some enjoy videos, others prefer onscreen display’s and some like to download pdf’s and work from paper in front of them.

The general feedback is that that achieving results in a short space of time is a key requirement.   Which can be a huge frustration for many – you want results, but you need to pay the ‘ferryman’ and put some time into learning.

Having this pressure can also be a barrier to learning and growing as an individual. 

Why did I want to develop an eLearning platform?

Many think that upskilling on LinkedIn will take too long and so unfortunately stick with the familiar road giving the familiar results.  But I could see how close most of you are to becoming a ninja on LinkedIn – and knew that there was an easier and quicker way for you to learn.

The cost of procrastination over LinkedIn training is hitting your bottom line.

What is the value of one new client per month? Over 12 months? When you look at the cost you know you need to take action. It looks and feels uncomfortable … and so it should.

If you could find a way to learn quickly and easily, I know you would take it, you can learn in mini chunks, in your own time – and apply the learnings in real time.

I realised I had a solution.

The LinkedIn eLearning Platform was created!

I invested my time, efforts and learnings from the last decade and developed an eLearning platform, designed specifically to satisfy the needs of teams and individuals globally.

The platform had to be neat, quick, effective and cater for all learning preferences.

The eLearning platform does exactly that.

Tell me more about the eLearning platform?

It is cloud based. You can log in at any time and on any device. All the lessons are neatly road mapped, with over 45 videos, fabulous onscreen displays and the ability to download lessons as PDFs.

More importantly, the eLearning platform allows you to learn quickly, work through the training when and how you want, and it delivers lasting results.

I can guarantee that after using the training personally, and with many clients over the years – without a doubt, this training strips away the fat and gives you what you need, right now, to get the results you are looking for.

This can be you. 

‘’This is the best course and online membership club I have ever been privileged to be a part of. The online material is world class, and the LinkedIn Success System is highly effective’’.

Rob Begg, Rob Begg Consulting

What are the benefits and what’s included?

Joining the eLearning platform as part of The LinkedIn Accelerator, you will be able to access the following immediately:

  • Total and 24 hour access to online programs
  • Monthly 1-hour live webinar
  • 2 X Exclusive invitations to Business Growth Day at a hotel (no cost)
  • Sales Navigator live workshop access for (cost applicable)
  • Company Page live workshop access for (cost applicable)
  • Club mastermind group network
  • Continuous growth and development
  • 30 day, 100% money back guarantee

Not only that, but these will be your key benefits and outcomes from taking part in The LinkedIn Accelerator

  • REACH: build a credible database of contacts within LinkedIn  
  • CLIENT RETENTION: drive customer retention, lifetime value and engagement 
  • REFERRAL SYSTEMS: build referral networks, and enable powerful connector strategies 
  • PROSPECTING: there is no guesswork with LinkedIn, easily identify your target markets 
  • PROSPECTING TOOLS: learn to use prospecting tools, saving time and money 
  • PROSPECTING ENGAGEMENT: deploy engagement systems for new customers 
  • VISIBILITY: maintain a constant presence with tactical automation 
  • EDUCATE: claim the space (own & protect) with your products, expertise and credibility 
  • EMPLOYER BRAND: showcase your culture, recognition and employee development 
  • GLOBAL PRESENCE: hook your company up to TGS global network of members and benefits KPIs: everything on LinkedIn is measurable. Set your goals and go for it!

How do I sign up and how quickly can I start the training?

If you are an Individual (or a company <10 employees); 

Sign up through this link here, taking you to The LinkedIn Accelerator

For larger teams; I run a no-obligation FREE training session at your premises to help you see the benefits.  

Place an enquiry here on LinkedIn Success Systems Team Training page

Most arrive at this door with the handle on the other side, meaning change comes from within; 

You are at the point of decision – you can either continue down the path of least resistance – the path you have already been travelling – or choose the road less travelled.

The path of least resistance will probably continue to give you the same results. But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your business, you’re going to have to do something different.

Miles Duncan CEO & Founder, LinkedIn Success Systems 

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