“Build it and they will come…,” insists the uncanny voice in the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams….and this is surely the hope of every professional using their LinkedIn profile for business development. But what if they don’t come? Is there really a systematic way to build a profile that will attract and resonate with your target audience?

We believe that building a winning profile, that is optimised for Google searches and “attractive” and engaging for your target audience, is achievable for all business professionals and like all building projects, we have to start by clearing the ground and setting some foundations.


One of the keys to building a winning profile, is to have a solid foundation and this starts by taking the time to really think about who you want to target and how you want them to engage with you?

Your LinkedIn profile can readily be adapted to achieve a number of goals, such as signalling that you are looking for new career opportunities or be used to generate more clients, referrals or position you as a ‘go to’ expert in your sector.

You will need to have a very clear understanding of who you are targeting when you build your profile, as it will generate a clear construction blueprint and ensure that is aligned with your purpose and the key targets you are wanting to communicate to and engage with.

Here are some questions to get you started. Work through the list and take the time to write down your answers…they will form the scaffolding as you build your profile.


What are their defining characteristics?

What are their needs, wants and priorities?

What problems do they face?

How do they describe their problems/needs that you can satisfy?

What worries them?

How do they buy your products and services?

What engages them?

What level of knowledge do they have about the products and services you offer?

What are they typing into Google?

Who else do they research?


What are the key products and services you offer?

What are your priority products and services that will be your ‘best’ engagers?

Do you have a lead product?


What are the geographical aspects to consider? Are you locally focused, national or international?

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