Award winning writer Jeb Blount describes the world of sales as a roller coaster filled with ups and downs, peaks and troughs. In his book “Fanatical Prospecting” he explains how vital it is that your sales team stay on board throughout the entire ride and don’t become complacent during the peaks so that they forget to keep on top of their prospecting.

Jeb writes about the Law of Replacement as a statistical formula which is essential in order to ensure a steady stream of prospects. He describes a problem he encountered where a sales team had widely missed their targets after two fantastic months of sales. After analysis, he found that the team had prospected hard in the beginning and then worked solidly to close as many deals as they had.

This had resulted in great sales for two months but they had forgotten to continue prospecting at the same time as closing the deals so now they had no new prospects in the pipeline and were back to square one.

The Law of Replacement is described by Jeb as the process of replacing each closed deal and each non-viable prospect which didn’t end in a sale, as you go along so that your pipeline is always full.

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for keeping your hopper full with invaluable conversations which may lead to future prospects.

LinkedIn is all about building relationships and while it is not a quick fix to slumping sales figures, it is a permanent fix to keeping prospects open. A LinkedIn training course can give you the tools and know-how you need to use this platform to your advantage.

LinkedIn Success Systems training courses are always popular events. Our reputation in the sales industry precedes us and so it is vital to book your place early. There is plenty of choice of location and as many of our training sessions and seminars are free, they are of immense value.

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