This is for you if…

• You have little time or money for business development or marketing (you wear many hats), but you need RESULTS.
• You’re more of a technician and don’t know much about driving revenue from existing clients and generating new business.
• Your time to learn is very limited, so you want a business development and marketing plan to implement NOW.
• You need to fill the pipeline with ongoing prospects and stop the see-saw revenue.
• You need support from time-to-time at no additional investment.

LinkedIn is a very effective and cost-efficient sales, business development and marketing tool with 23 million members in the UK (that’s more than half the UK working population). This is a hugely under-utilised opportunity. In its simplest form it’s a huge database of valuable contacts, prospects, clients and intelligence within your direct geographical market. However, this platform is not a simple plug-and-play – one needs guidance and quick start ‘fast’ implementation.

The LinkedIn Sales Accelerator One Day Workshop – Drive revenue through new business and existing business

Accelerate your Business Development and Marketing activities
• Walk away with a detailed 90-day plan that you can implement NOW
• A LinkedIn profile that is aligned and keyword rich
• Save time, money & resources; learn to use the LinkedIn Accelerator
• 90 Day support with a LinkedIn Sales Generator expert 24/7 – 30 years of experience is a priceless resource to tap in to

What will you gain?

By the end of this high impact specially designed day you will be able to:
• Implement and drive a detailed 90-day revenue buster business development and marketing plan
• The 90-day plan will be customised to your business
• The ability to use LinkedIn to produce results, save time, money and resources



Course Content:
The Accelerator 10×10 90 Accelerator Day


  • To achieve success there is 2 hours of pre-work
  • Completion of the pre-work allows you to get across the line on the day
  • Homework tasks guarantee your success

Then on the day…

  1. LinkedIn – your positioning
  • Develop a first class ‘first Impression’
  • Position and align your personal brand for engagement
  • Position your business (company page & subpages)
  • Keywords in 8 hot spots – get found – get noticed
  1. Client Retention
  • Retention strategies – keeping clients close
  • Increase life time value of existing business
  • Communicate with clients effortlessly
  1. Referral and Recommenders
  • Initiate a referral strategy that works
  • Activities that drive recommendations
  • Implement a monthly referral & recommender’s system
  1. Prospecting
  • Find prospects
  • Find companies
  • Smoke out access points
  • Engage Boolean search modifiers
  • Download Chrome Extensions that do the work for you
  1. Engagement
  • Connectivity protocols
  • Connecting with someone who you know
  • Connecting to someone new
  • Following up and keeping in contact
  • Build and manage engagement pathways
  • The loyalty ladder
  1. Marketing and Visibility
  • Regular transmissions (no need to blog)
  • Amplifications – reach untapped networks
  • Keep your newsfeed focused & thin
  • Generate familiarity opportunities

     7. Go to status: earning the right

  • Generate trust and credibility
  • Build and maintain your reputation
  • Protect and develop your differentiation
  • Keep your reputation at the forefront

     8. Competitor Intelligence

  •  Track and monitor your competition
  • Gather intelligence without being noticed

     9. Sector Intelligence

  • Track and monitor your sector
  • Be the first to ‘know’ & share

   10. Implement and Measurement

  • Time mastery
  • The 5 Ways system
  • Tracking your success
  • Implementing your 90-day plan
  • Access 90 days of support

(View more information on this high value high impact one day workshop on our website CLICK HERE )

After registration; what happens next?

Course Qualification & Pre Work

  • Once we have your registration details one of the team will call you and discuss your objectives
  • We will also check that this course is right for you – we want your investment to deliver results
  • You will then be given your own secure collaboration ‘basecamp’ and set pre-course homework
  • To find out more about ‘basecamp’ please look at this 45 second video
  • We will also arrange your preferred payment method

On-boarding instructions will also follow

To Register

To register for the LinkedIn Accelerator Workshop, click on the ‘Register Here Please’ link  and complete the short online registration. It will also ask your key challenges and opportunities.

£249 + VAT per person (collected after registration)

Hotel Colessio

33 Spittal Street
Stirling FK8 1DU
Thursday 7th September
8.30am to 5pm
(Course includes buffet lunch)



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