I recently attended an event to speak for the Officers Association Scotland and offer LinkedIn training in Edinburgh. The Officers Association is a not for profit organisation founded in 1919. It seeks to assist officers who have left the force to find employment. The organisation was founded after WWI when many who had served were rendered destitute, without the education or resources to earn a living post war. I was honoured to be asked to attend.

My role was to impart knowledge about maximising the potential of LinkedIn to enable those who are self-employed, sole traders and own small companies to build their businesses once they have left the military. I wanted to help the individuals realise that using LinkedIn was a really cost efficient way to build networks, develop their business and improve their marketing plan.  So many people don’t realise how it is possible to save money, time and resources by developing a great LinkedIn profile that contains the right content and keywords and our LinkedIn training in Edinburgh and indeed, country-wide, can offer real benefits. Often small businesses have very little resource for development and marketing but need to see results quickly – my belief is that the efficient yet effective nature of LinkedIn is the key to success.

Feedback from the event was really positive. The Officers Association Scotland told me that “LinkedIn is very relevant to service leavers and their search for future employment”. On the days that I can impart my knowledge and feel that I’ve made a positive impact on someone’s business, I feel like my job is really worthwhile. I will be holding follow up LinkedIn training in Edinburgh for the Officers Association following this positive event.

Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder, LinkedIn Success Systems

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