On 31st March 2017 Miles Duncan, CEO of LinkedIn Success Systems, will run a fast-paced workshop bright and early at 29’s Private Members Club in Glasgow. As a LinkedIn expert, Entrepreneurial Scotland invited Miles to come and provide practical, take-home advice on adding value to your LinkedIn profile. He will highlight how LinkedIn is the most underutilised tool in the B2B sector and failing to use it effectively is costing you fresh leads and potential sales.

Does your profile engage or disengage? Miles will emphasise that your profile is one of millions so it must engage with your potential clients and it must be visible through a Google search. You will find out how to boost your profile visibility, both within LinkedIn and through Google’s search engine. There are key steps that—with Miles’ help—you can activate immediately and boost your profile so that it is both highly visible and effective in getting you the leads you want and the network you need.

Miles will cover his 12 key steps to building the perfect profile, while avoiding the common mistakes such as treating LinkedIn as a glorified CV or job description. Your profile must demonstrate that you understand your potential business prospects and it must demonstrate that these prospects can trust you.

Join our LinkedIn expert on Friday 31st March at Apartment 29, 29’s Private Members Club, Glasgow, to ensure your LinkedIn profile stands out for all the right reasons.

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miles-02Miles Duncan, CEO & Founder of the LinkedIn Success Systems

A unique and effective business development system that shows you how to use LinkedIn.