The Centre for Engineering Education and Development (CeeD) in Edinburgh helps members (businesses and academics) in the “…pursuit of operational excellence…”. Miles Duncan was invited to run a LinkedIn Workshop on 27th October 2016 aimed at helping delegates optimise and improve their LinkedIn profiles.

The two-hour interactive workshop was well-attended and Miles used his extensive experience and expertise of LinkedIn to help delegates overcome the obstacles in creating a positive LinkedIn profile. For example, constructing the profile like a lightbulb where the brightest information shines out the top. Delegates learned to optimise their headlines to boost their Google search rankings and steal a march on their competitors.

Delegates also learned how symmetry and design play a role in making profiles attractive to the visitor. Adding useful and informative content, such as PowerPoint presentations, helps persuade business prospects that they’re on the right track. Other simple steps such as adding a website URL and a working email address will help leads to contact you easily.

Overall, the delegates found the LinkedIn workshop rewarding: “I found your seminar both informative and inspiring. Thank you. Probably the most challenging and rewarding 2 hours of my work-life this year.”

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miles-02Miles Duncan, CEO & Founder of the LinkedIn Success Systems

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