Donald Munro and I very much enjoyed giving away valuable learnings and training on LinkedIn Success Systems, to new and eager LinkedIn cadets, who took time out at lunchtime, to come along to Citizen M (Glasgow) and start a new and refreshing journey of business development and marketing.

I was at the Brad Sugars event in the Sheraton (Edinburgh) on Monday night, along with 200+ other people keen to advance our learnings on quite simply ‘’how to be better at business’’. One of Brad’s key learnings was to read a book a week, so in that context I really admire and welcome people that come to our LinkedIn events to up skill and invest in themselves.

We have started one-day LinkedIn Sales Acceleration workshops and two are coming up soon; Edinburgh 24th October and Glasgow 25th October.

These are very unique in that BEFORE you come to the workshop we ‘finish’ your profile using our unique online collaboration tool.

This means on the day we spend ALL day on the juicy stuff😊, then after the workshop you will have a 90-day plan and 90-day support. How good is that!

Check out our website for more details;

Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder, LinkedIn Success Systems

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