Edinburgh-based business professional gave an enthusiastic response to a special seminar on how to use LinkedIn to get more clients, referrals and ‘go to’ expert status.

Miles Duncan gave the presentation from his acclaimed LinkedIn Success Blueprint to the select audience at the Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue last night.

Miles shared some of the insights gained from helping over 500 businesses to improve their performance on Linkedin.

One delegate said : “I had really got the wrong idea and thought that LinkedIn was social media. I learned that it is actually a massive database and platform for online professional networking.”

Another added: “I learned that having a great profile is just the tip of the iceberg and that I need to use content to help attract and engage my target audience.”

Miles said: “I’m pleased by the response from the delegates and am looking forward to delivering more LinkedIn training sessions at the Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue.”

He added: “All of the delegates will get access to a special online course which shows them how to create a winning LinkedIn profile and gives some lessons from the LinkedIn Success Blueprint on how to find more clients, get referrals and claim ‘go to’ expert status.”