Business owners gave an enthusiastic response to a special seminar on how to use LinkedIn to get more clients, referrals and ‘go to’ expert status.

LinkedIn expert Miles Duncan joined SharkDog’s Josh Quigley to give presentations at the ActionCOACH Maximising Social Media event in Edinburgh last night.

Miles gave a presentation from his acclaimed LinkedIn Success Blueprint at the special event held at the Novotel Hotel, Hermiston Gait, on Wednesday.

Josh and Alan Smith of Action COACH shared their insights on the use of other social media channels, such as twitter and Facebook.

One delegate said : “Miles has opened my eyes to the opportunities of really using LinkedIn to help me grow my business.”

Another added: “I learned that having a great profile is just the tip of the iceberg and that I need to use content to help to build trust and credibility.”

Miles said: “I’m pleased with the enthusiasm shown by the delegates and I am grateful for the opportunity to share some insights on how to really get the most from LinkedIn.”

He added: “All of the delegates will get access to a special online course which shows them how to create a winning LinkedIn profile and gives some lessons from the LinkedIn Success Blueprint on how to find more clients, get referrals and claim ‘go to’ expert status.”