“I didn’t know that I was missing out on winning new clients on LinkedIn because of a simple mistake”, said one of the delegates at LinkedIn Success Blueprint’s recent open training session in Glasgow.

The delegate told Miles Duncan and LSB’s Glasgow man, Donald Munro, that they had received several valuable tips from the presentation that they were certain would make an instant impact on their business.

The delegate explained: “I realised that I have not been implementing a keyword strategy throughout my profile and, in fact, I had just been using my job description instead of conveying the value that my services offer to my clients.”

Another business owner told Donald: “We need to find cost effective ways of reaching new clients and this event convinced us that LinkedIn is the best tool for our company to use for business development.  One of the take homes, was that we are not using it as well as we could and that we could also use LinkedIn to help us to recruit talent and to influence stakeholders in our sector.”

Miles explained: “LinkedIn is not the ‘be all and end all’ but it should be an important cog in your business development.  Many businesses could be using it to find new suspects, prospects and clients – and growing influential networks.

“More than 20million people – that’s half the UK working population – are already on LinkedIn and this represents massive opportunity for businesses.  All they need to do, is to take the next steps in learning how to use it properly.”

He added: “This event was over subscribed and some firms were unable to attend, to ensure that no one misses out I have some helpful training materials that I can give to all anyone who connects with me or Donald.” Connect to Miles (click here)   Connect to Donald (click here)