Dundee and Angus-based business professionals were given some insights from the LinkedIn Success Blueprint by Miles Duncan and Dave Rattray at an event held in Dundee last night.

Delegates asked the LinkedIn training and strategy experts about their blueprint for achieving consistent success in using the platform to generate new clients, referrals and ‘go to’ expert status.

One delegate asked one of the common questions regarding connection etiquette – “Should I accept connections from people I don’t know?”
Miles replied: “With respect to connections, we believe that it is both quantity AND quality that you are after.

“Having large numbers of connections is important for generating traction and extending the reach of your influence on the platform but you also need to have a focussed group of connections that you can utilise to help you to develop your networks.”

Miles explained that he generally does accept connections from strangers and he went on to say how and why he does this.

He continued: “I have a look to see if their profile looks genuine and then I’ll accept the connection but then I will message them to start the relationship, perhaps enquiring ‘what was it that led you to want to reach out to me? etc’.”

He added: “In this way there is a chance of starting a thread of communication and nurturing the relationship.”