On the 22nd March I was delighted to be asked to present a session and offer some LinkedIn training in at The Scottish Events Show at the SEC in Glasgow, organised by EventIt. The event is an annual hospitality and tourism event  involving 1500 industry professionals and showcasing over 120 exhibitors and suppliers. This is a big day for the people involved.

What did it involve?

I gave a 45 minute talk in the connectivity area about how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile, a key marketing tool that is often neglected. Many of us spend our days selling products and services and improving our clients’ branding but we struggle to successfully sell ourselves or invest in our own personal brand. You could be missing out on big opportunities as a result. There are some quick tweaks you can use to improve your profile and some methods that are a little more time consuming but ultimately very worth investing in.

Why it matters

Creating a great LinkedIn profile is about making the best of your picture and headline to make it eye catching and interesting. You need to use the key search terms but also provide substance to show that your claims are true. I explained the importance of building up your network, getting yourself endorsed and endorsing others. We looked at how important it is to comment on people’s posts and join in the conversations to get yourself known and widen your networks.

I really enjoyed  being part of this important event and sharing my knowledge to help people achieve more via their LinkedIn profile. If you’d like to learn more about improving your presence on LinkedIn then visit our website to find out how LinkedIn courses can help you.


Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder, LinkedIn Success Systems

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