A successful evening of LinkedIn learning was held in Tunbridge Wells, where attendees picked up tips on how to use LinkedIn successfully for business development and marketing; enabling them to achieve consistent success in using the platform to gain new clients, retain existing ones and become the “go to” expert.

One attendee asked a question about activity on LinkedIn – “How do I engage with my followers without selling to them”?

Lester replied – Engagement should be regular and not all about you!

A common mistake users make is to make all their posts about them, their company and the products they are trying to sell. Whilst this may seem the right thing to do, it can quickly become “boring” to your connections who will “dread” your posts appearing in their news feeds to the point where they may switch you off.

Instead, think about articles and news items that your connections will be interested in reading. These will vary from specific industry news to articles dealing with day to day work issues and can be found readily from a variety of content providers. Then, from time to time post articles about yourself.

Also remember to like, comment and share the articles your connections post to remain active with them. It is important to be genuine though, so don’t over do it!

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Lester Young

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