The stunning Waterloo Quay played host to another incredibly successful LSS LinkedIn training course on the 9th May this year. Miles Duncan travelled to the Aberdeen coast and spent an evening leading the workshop compromising of some of the area’s most up and coming company leaders. Miles felt the whole event was a triumph with many of the guests voicing their satisfaction at the evening’s learning.
The LinkedIn training in Aberdeen came during the roll out of LinkedIn’s new user interface and so couldn’t have been better timed. The workshop covered an array of the many facets and benefits of LinkedIn, including how best to make it work for your business. From the basics of building the best LinkedIn profile for your individual audience and business and finding the right level of LinkedIn membership for you, right the way through to creating referral chains and building a rich database of qualified contacts. LSS LinkedIn training covers a huge selection of topics so there is always something new to learn whether you have been using LinkedIn for a while now or are a newcomer to the social network scene.
Waterloo Quay offers office premises for a wide range of businesses from corporate giants to brand new start-ups. The modern and forward thinking office space, with its own gym and café, was the ideal setting for Miles’ forward thinking LinkedIn training in Aberdeen.
LSS hold many LinkedIn training sessions across Glasgow, Aberdeen, London and the South East and cater for everyone. When you find the most convenient workshop to attend, please book in advance as our sessions are very much in demand for a range of businesses looking to increase their prospects.