Thanks to everyone that came along to my lunchtime LinkedIn Training event at the Dome, Edinburgh, Tuesday 15th May 2018.

I really enjoy sharing my experience on how to use LinkedIn for your own business development, marketing and visibility.

People can come along for free with no hard sell. They learn how to build a great profile (above the fold) increase engagement, foster new connections, further develop existing connections and increase visibility – all in the space of just 1.5 hours.

 6 Quick Fixes

At the session yesterday, I introduced my ‘6 Quick Fixes’ session for the first time – so what’s different about this session?

I focus on 6 key elements that you can integrate into your own LinkedIn profile which are easy to remember and quick to implement.  I guarantee that you will start to see results almost immediately.

The ‘6 Quick Fixes’ session covered the key areas of a LinkedIn profile that can all add up to create a great impression ‘above the fold’ encouraging your viewer to dive ‘below the fold’;

  • Targeting: who are you targeting?
  • Background Banner: do you have one? Does it reflect your business?
  • Personal Photo: Do you have a photo? Does it mirror and align with your target audience?
  • Contact Information: Is it completed? Personalised profile URL and pointing to three of your web pages?
  • Headline: Are the 120-character spaces optimised?
  • Summary: Your XYZ and 6 pieces of media … above the fold

Why LinkedIn?

With nearly 23 MILLION members now on LinkedIn in the UK – more than half the full time working population – this is a business development and marketing tool that you cannot choose to ignore.

I’m sure you will have recognised yourself that the way we do business is changing:

  • 90% of decision makers don’t respond to cold calls – but do respond to relationship builders
  • 75% of buyers use digital media to be more informed about you and your services
  • Buyers are 63% of the way through the buying process before they contact you
  • Buying decisions are taken by on average 5.4 people in an organisation
  • Your first introduction these days is likely to be digital, so is your digital first impression your best?

This is where LinkedIn can help – you can develop and enhance your business potential significantly in a short space of time with a small amount of effort.

Put simply, I’m here to help you increase your sales engagement with the help of the fantastic tool that is LinkedIn.

Many businesses and individuals struggle unnecessarily:

The time, cost and uncertainty of achieving 2018 growth targets

The pressures, stresses and anxiety of unsuccessful business development and marketing programs

The need to try something new that works, that is inexpensive and easy to implement

Free Sessions are quarterly

The free LinkedIn workshops that I run are held every quarter in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

I’m looking forward to my next session in Glasgow on Wednesday 23rd May at Citizen M – which is now full.

The sessions I run are full of information, with no pressurised selling to attendees whatsoever.  They’re designed to be enjoyed by everyone – all ages, all professions and are also great networking opportunities with around 80 attendees at each session.

Please share this link and encourage your colleagues to sign up to my next free sessions in October 2018 here in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder, LinkedIn Success Systems

Please connect with me and extend you digital reach HERE 


LinkedIn Success Systems are simple, workable, business development systems that ”work” for business growth and brand building. Designed for businesses of all sizes – all sectors – by business development experts. A combination of 30 years’ experience and many, many clients has perfected these systems.


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