Miles Duncan was invited to give some LinkedIn training at the BDXhange at HBJ Gateley in Glasgow on 25th October 2016. The BDXhange is a networking initiative that runs events for specific sectors, in this case focused on companies that operate in the life sciences sector.

As Miles reiterates throughout all his events, LinkedIn is the most underutilised networking tool in the B2B sector. And for those that do use the tool (around half the UK working population) many fail to correctly use it to the point where they actively damage their networking chances, leading to rivals snagging the job or contract simply because the prospect found what they needed in a better profile.

This meeting highlighted some of the power of LinkedIn, including the right way to utilise the headline—one of the most powerful tools and one that elevates your profile up the Google search rankings. It also highlighted some common mistakes such as using an unprofessional profile photograph and using the site like a CV. Fixing these errors need only take 20 minutes a day, but it does take a concerted effort: no quick fixes!

Delegates at the LinkedIn training event were amazed at its hidden power in helping to find new leads and many booked their places at the invitation-only Masterclass at the Dome in Edinburgh as a result.

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