Alongside its social media function, LinkedIn has powerful business development and marketing potential, but we don’t just deliver LinkedIn Courses in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Recently, LinkedIn Success Systems’ Miles Duncan travelled to Dubai to share his experience and knowledge of the platform with HR directors, and the response was, as always extremely positive.


With 30 yrs. experience in business development and digital roles, Miles has have delivered profit and growth in a number of industries. He understands only too well how LinkedIn really works and shared his extensive knowledge with the delegates, resulting in high praise for his ‘impressive knowledge’, ‘powerful tools’ and the way the course ‘grabbed attention’ with Miles’ superb delivery.


You may be wondering – why Dubai? Globally there are 470 million LinkedIn users. 3 million of these are based in the UAE. This represent a huge database of valuable contacts and intelligence in the local market as well as worldwide. The skill is being able to tap into this resource successfully and capitalise on it. The delegates attending our LinkedIn training tuned in to discover ways of maximising productivity using this valuable online resource.


LinkedIn provides access to key pools of talent that HR professionals have previously been unable to tap into. It can be used as a recruitment and talent management tool. A top tip that we shared with attendees is to position and align yourself properly on LinkedIn and use effective search techniques. Equipped with these skills, it is possible to fill both easy and trickier vacancies with zero cost and limited resources. LinkedIn, used correctly, offers amazing efficiency savings.