We are delighted to announce the introduction of LinkedIn success systems Denmark. This is a really exciting development for our business. LSS Denmark will be headed up by Martin Sattrup Christensen. Martin has a vast international experience in business management, innovation and business development in SMEs and startups.

Martin’s proven knowledge and skills in strategic selling mean that he can boast impressive results in business development for a number of successful international companies. With this background and experience, Martin brings to the table an impressive portfolio as well as an ideal basis for understanding the importance of utilising LinkedIn regularly as a tool for improving business development and marketing.

LSS Denmark represents an exciting development for the expansion of LinkedIn Success Systems into Europe. Whilst LinkedIn Success Systems has seen great success with LinkedIn Training in Edinburgh and across the UK, Denmark is a market with massive potential for the organisation – both ourselves and Martin are looking forward to introducing Danish companies to LinkedIn training. Denmark has 2.2 million LinkedIn users so the potential for businesses of all sizes and sectors is tremendous.

This amazing networking tool is essentially a massive database of contracts and networks, available for free to anyone who wishes to join. It is a fantastic route to higher growth and increased success in business development and marketing, and we are keen to spread the word via our LinkedIn courses worldwide.

Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder, LinkedIn Success Systems

LinkedIn Success Systems are the only LinkedIn training provider in the UK to be awarded full CPD accreditation for all courses.

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