I was invited back recently to present LinkedIn Training  at the Officers Association of Scotland in Edinburgh on the 31stOctober.

Employment Consultant, Tom Denovan was delighted to share his feedback from the session with us:

“Miles again delivered yet another first-class LinkedIn workshop here at the Officer’s Association Scotland, Edinburgh.  The workshop was for our clients – Armed Forces veterans – who are embarking on their journey in finding their next careers.

Truly an expert in his field, his practical approach, content and impact were well-balanced and easy to understand by all that brought immediate results.  He immediately built a rapport with our Clients and the feedback was a 100% positive!

I would highly recommend this training for all Service Leavers or those simply looking for a career change”.

Some direct quotes from attendees on the day: –

‘This was excellent training and I would highly recommend it to others. ‘

‘A very practical and helpful workshop delivered by a credible practitioner. ‘

The Officers Association

The Officers Association (OA) is a not for profit organisation founded in 1919. It seeks to assist officers who have left the force to help them find employment.

The OA of Scotland works with trusted partners and organisations, providing support to these officers in developing and fulfilling their employment aspirations.

I was honoured to be invited back to present to this fantastic organisation

What did the training cover?

The course followed on from a previous event I ran here – advising business users on the best methods to achieve success on the platform.

It also links in very well with similar training that I provide in Paris to the French Military –  more on that story another time……

I wanted to build on the previous course and to help the individuals realise that using LinkedIn is a very cost efficient way to build networks, develop their business and improve their marketing plans.

On this LinkedIn training course, I covered profile building and optimisation, how to ‘get noticed’ on the platform, and how many business users are using LinkedIn as social media, as opposed to using it as a cloud-based database of prospects that can be converted into sales.

Why LinkedIn

So many people don’t realise how it is possible to save money, time and resources by developing a great LinkedIn profile that contains the right content and keywords and our LinkedIn training in Edinburgh and indeed, country-wide, can offer real benefits.

Often small businesses have very little resource for development and marketing but need to see results quickly – my belief is that the efficient, yet effective nature of LinkedIn is the key to success.

If you think your organisation could benefit from similar training – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly – miles@linkedinsuccessystems.co.uk


Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder, LinkedIn Success Systems

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