LinkedIn Success Systems is delighted to have been selected by the West Lothian Chamber of Commerce to run LinkedIn training for the Chamber in 2017. They are keen for businesses to development an understanding of this powerful business development and marketing tool.

On Thursday 30th March 2017 Miles Duncan, CEO of LinkedIn Success Systems, will teach you how to leverage the rich resources of LinkedIn at a Masterclass Workshop, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. At the end of this intensive, half-day event you will be able to immediately put into action positive steps to shape your LinkedIn profile, climb Google search rankings and use the most powerful B2B tool available today to its fullest potential.

As a LinkedIn expert, Miles has years of experience in knowing how LinkedIn works and how to use it to up your game and truly reflect who you are on a professional level. Far from being a social media platform—it is not—LinkedIn requires some effort to make it work effectively and it is definitely not plug and play. Miles will explain the 12 steps to get your profile effective, aligned, and optimised to your target market.

By optimising your profile, you can position yourself as the go-to expert in your field, helping you make that next sale a reality. LinkedIn is bursting with potential, with over half the UK working population on there and with many first impressions being made online (often without your knowledge) it pays big to have a positive profile. Let Miles teach you how to validate your expertise and demonstrate your trust and credibility in your profession, and save time in building a fast and effective networking base in which to launch your sales drives.

Each attendee will receive LinkedIn Success System’s Profile Builder, a 92-page guide that reinforces what you have learnt in the session and walks you through the 12 steps to building the perfect profile.

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miles-02Miles Duncan, CEO & Founder of the LinkedIn Success Systems

A unique and effective business development system that shows you how to use LinkedIn.