LinkedIn training expert Miles Duncan will be giving a presentation on how to use LinkedIn for business development at the Grand Central Hotel on Tuesday 7th July.

At the complimentary event, which is scheduled to take place between 6.00pm to 8.00pm, Miles will deliver a focussed high-impact session which is aimed at busy business professionals who want to get real results on LinkedIn.

Miles will be sharing some insights from his acclaimed LinkedIn Success Blueprint training system and will be showing the delegates how to avoid making some common mistakes on the platform, as well as demonstrating what makes a winning profile.

Here are some testimonials from delegates at a similar LinkedIn training event held in Edinburgh last week;

“Miles knows LinkedIn and how to promote its practical use. A very entertaining speaker on effective promotion of ones self and business using a tool that is powerful if used well.”

“I attended a presentation by Miles and was impressed with his knowledge and passion, not just of LinkedIn, but his story. I’ve sat through a lot of presentations, good and bad, but would definitely recommend Miles as a speaker who will give your audience some great advice to take away.”

“Plenty of food for thoughts and I know you highlighted plenty of useful tips I will be implementing immediately :)”

The session will include practical advice on how to optimise your profile for Google searches, how to make connections and on how to build network funnels within LinkedIn.

Miles said: “All the delegates who attend the LinkedIn educational event will be given access to a FREE online training course, which features lessons from the LinkedIn Success Blueprint system.”

Miles added: “LinkedIn has the potential to really help Glasgow businesses to grow throughout 2015 and beyond and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to pass on some of the learnings from the LinkedIn Success Blueprint.”

Click here to secure your place at this FREE event on Tuesday 7th July at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow.