No doubt your team have heard of LinkedIn, and most of them will even have a LinkedIn profile. However, do they know the full extent of its potential, and the positive impact it can have on the success of your business? Without doubt, LinkedIn is the most underutilised tool in the B2B sector.

Here at LinkedIn Success Systems, we offer one hour LinkedIn training orientation sessions to enable you to see how LinkedIn can improve your business. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know, and when we tell you how it is possible to unleash LinkedIn potential, you have the power to seek out further information or undertake further LinkedIn training in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London or wherever your business is based.

During the orientation we can give you a sneak peek into the possibilities of LinkedIn and you can decide if you want to find out more. We are keen to engage your team in the sessions too – the orientation is inclusive and time efficient as employees do not need to leave the office. The sessions are in house – we come to you. these are great learning sessions with plenty of take aways.

We find that the sessions are particularly useful for Sales and Business Development teams as the training will teach them how to build business maximising profiles on LinkedIn. You will find out the importance of using keywords in LinkedIn profiles, and how these can benefit your business when the company or sector is searched by customers, clients and even competitors.

The orientation LinkedIn courses are relevant to all Industries and companies. Many businesses take up this free offer and it allows us to to showcase the potential of LinkedIn to them – perhaps your business can be next? Just contact me directly to find out more.

Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder, LinkedIn Success Systems

LinkedIn Success Systems are the only LinkedIn training provider in the UK to be awarded full CPD accreditation for all courses.

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