You already know how important it is to optimize your site so that it appears near the top of Google and other relevant search engines. But did you know that you can also work with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your company’s LinkedIn page?

If you strive to complete and optimise your LinkedIn page, you also want it to be noted. Your LinkedIn Business page provides an excellent opportunity to tell your story, highlight your employees, and share useful content.

You can increase your odds to be shown in the right web searches by following some simple procedures. Read on to uncover the best ways to improve SEO on your LinkedIn page.

How to amplify SEO on your company’s LinkedIn page

When you want to learn about something online, what is the first thing you do? Probably to do a quick search. You are not alone; Google records an estimated 3.5billion searches every day. Needless to say, this is an important source of inbound traffic. And you can expand your brand’s search area by improving the SEO effect of your LinkedIn page.

Why your business needs a LinkedIn page

It works not only as an alternative website that provides information about what you are doing and why, but a LinkedIn page is also a very functional and flexible marketing tool. By consistently posting news and discussion with readers, you can build a strong community of followers on the world’s largest professional network and encourage employees to participate in the spread of your messages.

LinkedIn differs from other social platforms on the Internet because of its professional nature, which creates trust and credibility for your business page. As such, it is not surprising that 80% of B2B use of social media comes from LinkedIn.

Benefits of making your business LinkedIn page SEO friendly

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth investing in efforts to optimize your LinkedIn page for SEO continuously:

More traffic to your LinkedIn page

This is quite self-explanatory but worth mentioning. When you strengthen your page’s SEO, you increase your odds of being discovered, not only by members who use LinkedIn, but also by relevant web searchers you might not have found otherwise.

Focused user Experience

A natural consequence of creating content on your LinkedIn page and focusing on keywords that are important to your business, is that the themes in your posts will also be clearer to your readers. And the themes will be expressed in a language that your visitors are already using, which means that it will make better sense to them.

Now that we’ve established why, let’s delve into “how to” improve your LinkedIn page’s SEO visibility.

How keywords are used to optimize your business LinkedIn page

The most important thing first: identify and use keywords. You are probably familiar with keyword optimisation, from your website or when creating content, but how can keywords make your LinkedIn page more searchable?

What are keywords?

Keywords are the words and phrases users search for online. They are what your audiences enter into Google and other search engines hoping to find useful results. These keywords are how normal people talk about topics that are related to your business – so bear this in mind when looking to identify your keywords. Sometimes you might want to turn your focus to what people are searching for online in relation to your business, not what you call your products or services.

To find out which keywords to show on your LinkedIn page, think about your most important services, products, or services. Your industry, location and specialisations are all important keywords you need to highlight on your LinkedIn page.

There are a number of tools you can use to identify your keywords, including:

  • Google Search Console/Keyword Planner
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • SEMRush

Why are keywords important to SEO on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn business pages are reviewed by search engines, so if you don’t make your main keywords prominent, you may miss an opportunity. And it’s not just about technical SEO-you should always give clarity to a curious user.

For example, Google shows up to 156 characters of your page text in the search results, so we recommend including relevant keywords at the beginning of the company’s tagline, helping the search engine and its users to quickly understand what it’s all about.

How to incorporate keywords into your tagline (Slogan)

Think about this rather clever feature (Slogan/tagline), located just below your background banner, as your company’s “Elevator pitch”. Here you need to quickly and easily understand what you are doing and who you are addressing you to.

See a few examples here:

Ultimate Finance

Morton Fraser

How to optimize your LinkedIn page’s ‘ About ‘ section

Once you’ve optimized your short tagline, you can draw attention to the ‘ about ‘ section, which provides a longer overview of your business, as well as details such as the size of your company, the industry you are in, your specialties and your URL.

Write a strong ‘ about ‘ section

With relevant keywords in mind, you need to work to create an engaging overview that matches questions your audience can have. I recommend the following framework for this area:

  • Vision. What future will we help create?
  • Mission. How do we create that future?
  • Values. Who are we? How do we work?
  • Positioning. What makes our brand different?
  • Slogan. Our brand summed up in a line.
  • Products/Services. Here’s what we offer.
  • Link to your site

Chances are that the majority of the information users search on your LinkedIn page are also found on your website. For most brands, your site serves as the primary resource for existing and potential customers, vendors, and employees. Include your URL on your LinkedIn page to generate traffic to your website.

Add other company Information

A fully populated LinkedIn page helps users find your business with ease. Additional company information – such as Size, industry and specialties-helps to paint a complete picture of your organization. And companies with complete information receive 30% more weekly views according to Linkedin’s own information.

Make your company’s LinkedIn page a magnet with professional images

Last but not least, think about the images on your business page. A full LinkedIn page includes a logo and banner image. Those who visit your page will probably disappear again if they are greeted with a dull and unfinished profile.

Here are a few examples:

Lewis Creative Consultants

Ferrari Packaging Ltd

  • Your company logo appears next to your business name. The default logo format for LinkedIn is 300 x 300 pixels.
  • Banner image. This image takes up a lot of space on top of your business page, so use it to your advantage. Recommended specs for your LinkedIn banner image are 1536 x 768 pixels.

Update frequently to keep Google fuelled

Regular updates on your page help keep the visibility of your followers, and they’ll also help with your location on Google. Consistent and new or fresh content is indexed and helps the search engine recognize your page as an active and valuable source of information.

Get seen and found with an SEO-friendly LinkedIn page

To make the most out of your presence on LinkedIn, it’s important that your business LinkedIn page can be easily found.

By completing the details on your company LinkedIn page in its entirety – including adding relevant keywords in your business description and adding attractive images to your LinkedIn page and sharing content – your LinkedIn page will be placed at the top of the search engines.

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