The wonderfully renovated Falkirk Business Hub was the setting for Handelsbanken’s latest event at which I was invited to be a guest speaker on LinkedIn training. I was invited to hold a LinkedIn workshop in Falkirk with a group of enthusiastic business leaders, entrepreneurs and start-up business owners who were either new to LinkedIn or who had a LinkedIn profile but were not getting what they hoped out of the marketing tool.

Through the high impact LinkedIn workshop in Falkirk I ran, the group left with a much clearer understanding of the range of benefits LinkedIn can bring to a marketing strategy and they were also well equipped with tools to create a standout profile and use the social media platform wisely in order to make meaningful and fruitful networking connections.

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to Handelsbanken for inviting me to hold a LinkedIn workshop at their latest event as it was such a pleasure to work within the impressively designed Falkirk Business Hub. This building was once Falkirk’s general post office and the impressive structure is now home to over 30 business including solicitors, translators, care support workers, plumbers and beauticians. As well as being home to a myriad of businesses, FBH offers a range of business services with offices and meeting rooms, fitted with top of the range facilities, available to rent. There is also a café and leisure facilities available to use to give you some space to clear your head before getting back to work.

The next complimentary sessions are at The Dome (Edinburgh) on 22nd February and Citizen M (Glasgow) on 21st February 2018

Register now through our events page page to reserve your seat(s) these events are normally over-subscribed with a waiting list.

Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder, LinkedIn Success Systems

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