Many thanks to Alan Hogarth of Handelsbanken for inviting Miles Duncan of LinkedIn Success Systems along to the Dunfermline branch, to give a selection of clients and potential clients an insight into LinkedIn and how to use the platform to nurture relationships as well as a business development and marketing tool.

Miles remarked ‘’It was great to work with Alan at Handelsbanken in offering a high value LinkedIn training session to their clients and potential clients. Handelsbanken is a very refreshing and much needed banking proposition. Whilst offering very broad banking services, the whole service delivery is based round the client and is very focused on building and nurturing real relationships. The minute you meet the team at Handelsbanken you feel they really value the relationship. I feel like moving all my banking needs asap!’’.

During the breakfast LinkedIn training session one Handelsbanken client asked one of the most common questions regarding connections visibility.

Miles replied: “Your connection visibility is under your control’’.

‘’Whilst you can generate a large network of contacts, in some industries and sectors it may not be ideal to let people see who you are connected to. This is your choice. If you go to your ‘privacy and settings’ tab and then into ‘privacy’ you can then select the option to suit you’’.


LinkedIn Success Systems are business development systems for business growth and brand building.
Designed for businesses of all sizes – all sectors – by business development experts.
A combination of 30 years’ experience and many many clients has perfected these systems.
Easy to learn through a choice of learning methods to suit teams or you.