LinkedIn Success Blueprint extends its thanks to the 80 Glasgow-based business professionals who attended our training seminar at the Grand Central Hotel earlier this month.

The enthusiastic delegates heard two sessions from Miles Duncan on how to really get to grips with LinkedIn to help grow visibility, referrals and to find new clients.

Miles said that it was important to understand that there is much more to LinkedIn than just having a profile, he explained: “Having a great profile, that’s keyword rich and that instantly conveys the value you deliver to your target audience is vital for success on LinkedIn but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

“One of the secrets to getting much more for the platform is to ensure that you have a connection strategy and that you use the tagging feature to help to segment your audience.”

Miles told the audience that most people fail to maximise their chances of getting real results on LinkedIn because they do not create a structure to help them manage their connections.

He said: “Most people do not take advantage of the tagging tools which enable you ‘work’ your connections.”

Miles explained that he can instantly send and share content and reach out to segments of his connections, such as accountants or CEO’s because he has used the tagging tools to give order to his contacts.

He told the delegates: “I use a tagging structure that closely matches my business development goals and I have a connection and communication strategy to help me to nurture my relationships with my target audiences.”

Miles added: “So, have a think about your business development strategy and take the time to think about how you will create a tagging system to help you to segment and work your connections.

“This will really help you to get much more from LinkedIn and will help to ensure that you are in control of your business development.”

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