You can’t ignore the potential value LinkedIn could bring to you and your business.

With nearly 23 million members now on LinkedIn in the UK and 58% of all professionals, this is a business development and marketing tool you need to be using daily.

90% of decision makers don’t respond to cold calls….. but do respond to relationship builders who nurture the ‘relationship’ and bring value.

75% of the buyers of your services or products, use digital media to be more informed about you and your services – so you need a first-class digital presence and activity

Buyers are 57% of the way through the buying process before they contact you – you need to be visible and top of mind.

Buying decisions are taken by on average 5.4 people – your need to identify the circle of influence and address their concerns

Your first introduction these days is likely to be digital….. your relationship starts before you meet… Is your profile creating the first impression?

Some learning nuggets that will be shared along with handouts….

Your LinkedIn Positioning & Personal Branding

Develop a first class ‘first Impression’, so you are aligned with your target audience. Understand how to manage your personal brand on digital networks such as LinkedIn. Make sure you are searchable for your expertise with relevant keywords in 8 hotspots on your profile.

Client Retention

Learn how to develop and maintain client retention strategies. Keeping clients close, maximises the lifetime value of existing business and reduces the acquisition cost of new business. Learn how to keep on your client’s radar screen without over exposure or being needy.

Referral, Recommenders & Intermediaries

If your business thrives in referrals (intermediaries) you need to be driving an expertise based marketing system on LinkedIn. Come and find out how this works

Prospecting and GDPR

LinkedIn is exceptionally efficient at driving prospecting strategies; from research to engagement. By applying key processes and rules of engagement, you will quickly find yourself ahead of the competition. GDPR is playing a lot on people’s minds; explore with me why LinkedIn is a safe house if you respect certain principals and the user agreement already in place.

Marketing, Visibility & Personal Brand Building

This does not need to be hard on your time or costly. Its very simple to build your brand, visibility and marketing objectives on LinkedIn. Learn to put an automated structure in place.


The classic rules of rapport building. Learn how the prospect through to raving fan loyalty ladder works and LinkedIn is your handrail for success.

However, LinkedIn is not plug and play – you need to learn to use it, this free learning event will show you the rich resources of LinkedIn you may be missing out on and there will be some valuable BONUS material on the day too!

Is this for you?

You want to work smarter and create more time for client delivery and business development

You’re in a business development or sales role keen to hit targets; you need a high ROI

You’re a marketing professionals keen to leverage brand image and awareness

You want to learn how to leverage and access the 23m LinkedIn members in the UK

You enjoy complimentary learning events without the fear of being sold to or closed in some way


Citizen M, 60 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G2 6AE

Thursday 29th March 2018 – 1pm for a 1.30pm start (finish 3pm)

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 Miles Duncan is CEO and Founder of LinkedIn Success Systems

LinkedIn Success Systems are business development systems for business growth and brand building.

Designed for businesses of all sizes – all sectors – by business development experts.

A combination of 30 years’ experience and many many clients has perfected these systems.

Simple, Workable Business Development Systems that ‘Work’.

LinkedIn Success Systems training has Full CPD Accreditation

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