To finish the year off on a high – I had great pleasure in holding two LinkedIn Masterclass sessions in Glasgow and Edinburgh recently.

The Masterclasses that we run are high impact one day business growth sessions that will change your business and your life.  You will achieve business growth and be able to implement time and cost efficiencies by learning to develop a personalised LinkedIn strategy to capitalise on your key business opportunities on LinkedIn

I find that these sessions are always really popular and by holding the sessions with small groups at a time – we can all work together and take time to go through the content in detail.

Download the LinkedIn Masterclass overview HERE

Who can come along to these sessions?

These sessions are for a wide cross section of individuals – from small companies and sole traders through to self- employed, solopreneurs & job seekers.

Do any of the following apply to you?  If so, you would benefit from coming along to a Masterclass session.

  • You have little time or money for business development or marketing (you wear many hats), but you need RESULTS
  • You’re more of a technician and don’t know much about driving revenue from existing clients and generating new business
  • Your time to learn is very limited, so you want a business development and marketing plan to implement NOW
  • You need to fill the pipeline with ongoing prospects and stop the see-saw revenue
  • You need support from time-to-time at no additional investment

What are the benefits of a Masterclass?

There’s so many benefits that I know you would find from coming along to one of these sessions – I’ve summarised some below:

  • REACH: build a credible database of contacts within LinkedIn, insulated from GDPR
  • CLIENT RETENTION: drive client retention, life time value and engagement
  • REFERRAL SYSTEMS: build referral networks, and enable powerful connector strategies
  • PROSPECTING: there is no guess work with LinkedIn, easily identify your target markets
  • PROSPECTING TOOLS: learn to use prospecting tools, saving time and money
  • PROSPECTING ENGAGEMENT: deploy engagement tools that open up new clients
  • VISIBILITY: maintain a constant presence with tactical automation
  • EDUCATE: claim the space (own & protect) with your expertise and credibility
  • TALENT ACQUISITION & RETENTION: attract and keep talent
  • KPIs: everything on LinkedIn is measurable. Set your goals and go for it!

Why focus on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a very effective and cost-efficient sales, business development and marketing tool with 25 million members in the UK (that’s more than half the UK working population).

This is a hugely under-utilised opportunity. In its simplest form it’s a huge database of valuable contacts, prospects, clients and intelligence within your direct geographical market.

However, this platform is not a simple plug-and-play – one needs guidance and quick start ‘fast’ implementation, and that’s where we can help.

View more information on the Masterclass sessions here and don’t hesitate to email me directly with any questions you might have – I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Download the LinkedIn Masterclass overview HERE

Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder, LinkedIn Success Systems

LinkedIn Success Systems are the only LinkedIn training provider in the UK to be awarded full CPD accreditation for all courses.

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