Edinburgh business professionals were shown how to use LinkedIn to effectively promote your skills, people, products and services at the event run by LinkedIn Success Blueprint on Tuesday.

Miles Duncan shared some unique insights on how to use LinkedIn to develop trust and credibility and leverage the strength of online relationships, at the event held at The Dome in Edinburgh.

One of the delegates said: “I am using LinkedIn as part of my business development but Miles showed me that I could be doing this much better.”

They continued: “I didn’t appreciate how much LinkedIn could be doing for my business. I learned that I could use it to stay close to my clients, and I was shown some tactics I could use to harness their recommendations to get more business.”

Miles explained: “LinkedIn is all about building trust and credibility – starting conversations and nurturing them.

“Companies and individuals who have been through our training learn also learn 9 clever ways to use the platform to grow valuable online networks they can turn into real-world business opportunities.”

Miles added: “All of the delegates who attended this LinkedIn training seminar, will get access to our online Profile Health Check tool.  This tool shows how to avoid making some of the common mistakes that may be damaging your business and also gives some quick fixes you can implement today that will boost your performance on LinkedIn.”