LinkedIn Cadets enjoyed an evening of great learning’s on how to use LinkedIn for business development and marketing, enabling them to achieve consistent success in using the platform to generate new clients, referrals and ‘go to’ expert status.

One cadet asked one of the common questions regarding news feed ‘rubbish’ – “My news feed is full of rubbish… what can I do about it?’’

Miles replied: “Your news feed is under your control – not LinkedIn’’.

You need to ‘unfollow’ contacts that are sharing content you have no interest in. By unfollowing someone does not mean you are breaking your 1st degree tie with them – you just don’t want to see their content. So, its important to share relevant and helpful content and not purse a course of self-promotion. He is an example using Donald our Glasgow based LinkedIn training specialist’’

‘’you can also go into settings & privacy and alter your advertising preferences to further clean your news feed’’


“the news feed on the platform is great, but its far better you control what you want to see in terms of clients, prospects and companies you are following. Don’t let the noise distract you and take up your time – move it to the touch line by unfollowing the contact(s) and review your advertising preferences’’

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