We’re pleased to be offering two workshops at the multi award winning, open access One City event next month, which is taking place at the brand-new city centre campus of Glasgow College. With 30,000 students and 1,400 staff members, there promises to be a fantastic pool of talent at this event, all perfectly positioned to benefit from LinkedIn training in Glasgow.

For a graduating student, LinkedIn is a gift. Your future employer is on LinkedIn. They are hunting for graduates daily on LinkedIn and with your slick new profile, they will find you. We’ll be giving you tips on creating a job winning profile that will differentiate you from other candidates and bag you the interview. During the LinkedIn training, we’ll be showing you how to research and target different individuals and companies and then connect with them, getting you to the front of the queue and putting you in the driving seat to your new career.

We’ll also be talking to lecturers about how they can get the best from LinkedIn. It is vital for a lecturer is to position themselves well on LinkedIn in order to gain access to beneficial contacts and for contacts to successfully identify and link with them. During this LinkedIn training session in Glasgow, they will gain a better understanding of how essential it is to maintain a first-class online profile. First impressions are most likely to be made online, so we need to make it count. LinkedIn novices will be coached on how to develop connection strategies during the to build useful connections with colleagues, peers and students.

This LinkedIn Course is a great tool for academics to expand their reach, visibility and expertise using simple yet effective rituals. We’ll be there to show you how so don’t miss out.