Returning to Glasgow’s Collabor8te with another complementary event on 15th November 2016, Miles Duncan addressed a gathering of nearly 30 individuals from a range of professional backgrounds: freelancers, SMEs, and corporates. All attendees wanted to learn from an expert how to improve their LinkedIn profile to effectively cultivate their professional relationships.

Miles used the analogy of a lightbulb, in which the top of the profile is the brightly shining part where the most important bits of information live. Crucially, the headline of a profile is also the part that shows up in Google searches and Miles reiterated the importance of having the correct terms that people (your clients) will search for.

In his 12-point profile plan, Miles highlighted common pitfalls such as regarding LinkedIn as a social network (it is not) and failing to use a profile photograph that conveys your personal brand correctly. One example in a series of colourful slides was a lawyer whose photograph showed him wearing a viking helmet. Would you feel comfortable recommending him to a contact?

Miles likens LinkedIn profile building to gym workouts, because knowing exactly how to use the correct tools (and knowing which ones to leave out) helps you build the optimal profile in the least amount of time, perhaps as little as 20 minutes each day.

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