The world of sales and marketing is changing at a quicker pace than ever before and it is essential that you and your business keeps up in order to continue generating and closing leads and deals.

Marketing has never had to work harder than it does right now. With buyers being faced with more choice and much more information, your marketing strategy needs to be catch the eye of your buyer and reel them in; keeping your lead interested in your services for a prolonged period of time.

With the average path to sale taking roughly 12 months and studies suggesting that it takes up to 52% more marketing touches to lead to a sale- your marketing must be able to demonstrate your value in order for you to be able to get the sales.

LinkedIn training with LinkedIn Success Systems begins with a ‘targeting’ exercise which enables teams and individuals to focus on their market and create an All Star LinkedIn profile which will grab the attention of potential leads way before any potential engagement.

Our LinkedIn courses will guide you step by step as you create a LinkedIn profile which will stand out amongst the crowd as you demonstrate your business value and post relevant content which will garner the attention of your leads. Once your clients have perceived the value of your services it is then down to you to prove to your clients you can deliver to the level they now expect and close down your sales.

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Lester Young

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