In professional services, there is historic reticence regarding technology, yet technology is here to stay and evolving at a rapid pace. Broadly speaking, six barriers exist that prevent professionals from creating their LinkedIn presence and getting results.

Fear of change

First, there is the issue of change. Change is risky and exciting, but it can also foster self-doubt: is this effort worth it? But LinkedIn is now no longer optional for professionals. It is the digital business card, but offers a whole lot more in terms of creating new business, strengthening existing relationships and moving yourself and your practice up the Google search rankings. LinkedIn is the first place that other professionals look when they have problems to solve, so not having a presence—lacking even a foot in the door—could mean that your competitor gets the brief, not you.

Desire to leave it to someone else

“I don’t have the people skills” or “I didn’t train to be in business development” you may say. However, you must upskill because direct relationships are what people now want, not through a middleman. You must not only excel at your profession but grow your business, tapping into nascent skills or developing new ones. Once you and your business understand this basic reality, you are ahead of the game.

MisconceptionsLinkedIn Expert

On the face of it, LinkedIn can appear like a glorified Facebook. The reality is, like Facebook, many people use it — 22 million in the UK alone. It is tailor-made for professionals and the services you provide and is the number one B2B database in the world. For the most part it is free and represents an efficient way to foster new professional relationships.

Lack of time

Time. You don’t have enough of it, and creating an effective LinkedIn profile demands some of your most precious resource. But there are shortcuts available and content can be repurposed. Just small bursts of time each day—think of it like going to the gym—help keep your profile lean and focused, so your activities are effective and pay dividends.

Fear of going public

Another barrier is the fear of putting yourself out there in public, to many millions of people. You have full control over what people see, but this control requires skill and it is not simply a case of plug and play with LinkedIn. You need to bring online what you do offline.

Lack of skills

Finally, you don’t need digital skills to make your profile accurately mirror your professional life. This can be done with baby steps to build confidence and—most likely—outside help from other professionals that can help you get that boost that a LinkedIn profile provides.

Many professionals fear using LinkedIn or do not think it is worth their time. But it cannot be ignored anymore because building your LinkedIn presence effectively can put you and your business out in front.

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