Jeb Blount is the author of the insightful sales manual for modern society, ‘Fanatical Prospecting’. In it he espouses the brilliant 30 Day Rule, which makes a huge amount of sense for sales improvement and business development. Key to this for LinkedIn Success Systems is that we can help with the prospecting by offering LinkedIn training. Read on to find out how important prospecting is to your business and then get in touch to find out how!

The 30 day rule is a simple principle to govern sales patterns. Your business can achieve great success by taking heed. The key message is that the prospecting done over a 30 day period will pay off for the next 90 days. Therefore, never delay prospecting or put it off for another day. In fact go a step further than that and schedule it in. It needs to be central to your working day, not incidental. Opening up relationships opens up opportunities.

Enjoy success when you receive it but never rest on your laurels. If you’ve had a great year then celebrate it but don’t wind down to Christmas, keep following up leads because that’s going to affect the success of your first quarter next year. If you miss a day of prospecting then you do so at your peril, you will feel the repercussions at some point over the next 90 days. If you miss a weeks prospecting, or even a months then the consequences become more dire. Your sales results for next quarter are more dependent on the work you do today than the work you do during that quarter. Prospect, prospect and prospect some more.

Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder, LinkedIn Success Systems

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